Welcome to Four Seasons Children's Center

Four Seasons Children's Centers first opened its doors on April 1st, 1984. Since then, we have offered unsurpassed childcare for our infants, tiny tots, toddlers, pre-schoolers, after school groups, kindergarten and school aged children. We have always offered flexible scheduling for each child so that the needs of our families can be accomodated. kids art

Our goal is to help each child grow educationally, socially, emotionally and physically in a safe, enjoyable environment marked by caring and warmth. Each day is a special day: something new or some way that is new! Activities are planned for maximum challenge to the mind and to the body. There's time and room to explore, to experiment, to discover and to play. Time to be a child!

The program that we pursue is geared towards helping each child develop habits of observation, questioning and listening. Your child learns that he or she is free to make choices, as long as he or she stays within the limits of consideration for other people and things. A child does not always have to conform.

We value the individuality of each child in our Center and we help him or her retain his or her unique personality. An open-ended program such as ours prepares the child to utilize his or her intellectual and creative abilities in future learning tasks.

We want you to look into our busy, noisy, creative classrooms and see your child at 'work' and at 'play'. We want you to realize the validty of 'play' and the importance of what your child is learning. You and our teachers together can help your child develop his or her full human potential.